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My Town : School for Android

School bells are ringing!

Let your kids enjoy school with My Town: School! It is an educational game developed by My Town Games Ltd for your children to explore, experiment, and discover new things. 

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  • Educational
  • Safe without adult supervision
  • Great for children
  • Multicultural avatars


  • Not connected to other My Town games
  • Repetitive music
  • No nurse office
  • Cannot explore outside school grounds


Let your kids enjoy school with My Town: School! It is an educational game developed by My Town Games Ltd for your children to explore, experiment, and discover new things. 

Learn new things

This game features many different activities that will help your children discover and learn about their interests. Set up like a digital dollhouse, your children are given the freedom to explore all classrooms and tinker with any of the objects that will pique their curiosity. Trust me when I say that they will never run out of stuff to play in this game. There is a designated room that is dedicated for each subject like the music room and science laboratory. The room designations are one of the reasons why I think this game is perfect for children who are in the tender age of discovery. Unlike in real life school setting,  kids can spend time on their individual interests in this game for as long as they want. This gives them enough time to explore and really learn about a certain subject. The absence of a time limit also makes children become more invested and interested in certain activities, which can also affect their attitude towards these said activities in real life. The game can be considered as a good motivator for kids to pursue their interests. 

Exploring and discovering are not the only things kids will learn in this game. My Town: School will also teach them about courtesy, discipline, and proper behavior. The game has adapted a normal school setting that is complete with other facilities besides classrooms intended for certain activities. As you play the game, you will sooner or later arrive at other places like the cafeteria, toilet, and playground. Each of those places has values and important lessons to impart. Take the cafeteria for example, where children can learn how to eat a balanced diet and clean-up after eating. 

Your kid’s next fave

You may find it hard to keep your children away from playing games so why not give them something that is both fun and educational? The game has colorful graphics and an interactive gameplay that will keep kids occupied for hours. If you are busy with other tasks, this game is safe to be left with your children even without strict adult supervision so there is no need to check up on them every second. The game avatars are also very diverse so children will not have a hard time choosing which character would best represent them. I do think this is one of the most important features of the game, as representation makes kids feel appreciated, understood, and valued. Being aware that they are not just playing behind an avatar they cannot connect to will make them enjoy the game better.

A fun learning experience

My Town: School is an excellent game that is part of the very educational My Town game series. I am sure that not only kids will get to enjoy this game but as well as parents and guardians. It is a very good teaching and learning instrument that your children will certainly enjoy.

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